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Surprising Dangers of Prescription Drug Dependency And Your Family

Surprising Dangers of Prescription Drug Dependency And Your Family

Lately, whenever you read the news, it seems that another Hollywood celebrity has just entered or just returned from rehab because he or she was addicted to prescription medication. Surprisingly, prescription drug addiction is dangerous, and much more common than you may realize. It is something that affects many people – not just celebrities.

Many prescription drugs are habit-forming and addictive. Medicines from painkillers to sleeping pills to ADHD drugs such as Ritalin, are all common forms of pills that anyone can become dependent upon using. The employment of prescribed medications today is so common, that many times, we don’t think twice about the potential for abuse, misuse, or dependency.

Drug Dependency Can Happen to Anyone

Another danger of becoming dependent on prescription drugs is that it can happen to just about anyone. Elderly people who take many medications may become dependent long-term. Women take more prescribed tranquilizers and mood enhancing pills, so they are more susceptible to addiction than men. Teens are also vulnerable when it comes to drug dependency – especially if they see their parents partaking on a regular basis.

Drug Dependency Can Occur Over Time

When people take prescription medication for pain, for sleeping, or for mood improvements, often they learn to like the effects of these drugs, and feel that they are unable to function without them. In some cases, people may think, “If one pill has this positive effect, then two or more will make me feel even better.” This is a dangerous road that can lead to many complications including physical, emotional, legal and relationship issues.

Effects of Prescription Drug Dependency

Probably the most obvious concerns that people with drug addictions face are physical ones. An abundance of health problems can happen to someone who takes pills every day, including irregular heartbeat, risk of heart attack, seizures, hostility, paranoia, infections and overdose.

All of these risk factors can lead to financial troubles, serious relationship issues with other family members and friends, and legal issues such as getting arrested for stealing or forging prescriptions. “Drug crimes do not just pertain to street drugs. Drug crime laws also address the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs,” says Perhaps even your professional career can be in jeopardy as a result of your performance at work, or because you have missed too many days due to health issues.

Preventing Abuse and Dependency

Thankfully, if you or a loved one is on path toward drug dependency or abuse, there are steps you can take to prevent the consequences of this dangerous road.

1. Speak to your doctor about your concerns. Make sure you let him or her know about all the medication you are taking, how often and how you feel as a result.

2. Follow directions carefully. Never change the dosage on your own, especially if you feel inclined to increase it. Check with your doctor first to make sure you are taking the medication only as prescribed as the proper dosage.

3. Ask your pharmacist about side effects. Always know what type of side effects or primary effects the drugs will have. Make sure you understand completely about potential interactions with other medications or alcohol, too.

4. Never take someone else’s pills. Even if you have the same symptoms, never take someone else’s prescribed medication. Speak to your doctor about your specific condition, as your prescription may be completely different than a friend’s or family member’s.

If you or someone you love is in danger of prescription drug dependency, know that help is available. Speak to your doctor or medical professional, or join a support group as soon as possible.

After watching more than one of her friends go down this unfortunate road, author Molly Pearce decided to write this post in the hopes it might make just one reader think twice. Most of her research for this article was done online, on medical and legal sites, such as The web is a great source of info and support for those struggling with prescription abuse or dependency.

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Taking The Kids To See Your Ancestral Grounds

Jennifer and the Boys in Paris

Taking the Kids to See Your Ancestral Grounds

Traveling abroad with your family is about exploring far off destinations and meeting interesting people. It can also be a great time to visit your ancestral grounds and visit family members who your children may have never met. However, planning a trip to discover your heritage can take careful planning. The following tips will help ease the stress and friction that can often accompany a trip to Europe.

Implement a Plan

Spending time overseas with children can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most patient of parents. It can also elicit eye rolls and moaning from your teens if you don’t have a thorough agenda. However, the roots of a family are very important and allowing your children to meet distant relatives and explore schools once inhabited by grandparents can be meaningful for everyone involved. You can make the process easier by implementing a plan from flights and hotels to transportation and activities. Packing appropriately can also save you a lot of headaches and grief when traveling with teens.

Getting Around

Transportation and getting around Europe can be especially difficult with a family, especially if you don’t know where you’re going. Shuttle services can allow you an inexpensive option for exploring the sights, sounds and history of a city, while keeping everyone calm and happy. It also alleviates the stress and anxiety caused by getting lost. You can search online sites like Shuttle Direct to get more information on finding and booking shuttle services abroad.

Restaurants and Eateries

Your children may not have as adventurous a palate as your own, so you need to prepare wisely. You can involve them in the process by allowing them to pick out various restaurants or eateries that they would like to explore and try. If you’re meeting relatives and friends, you’re sure to be introduced to foods that are important to the region.

Children are honest about their likes and dislikes. You should teach them the proper etiquette for disliking a specific item they may not be used to, so they don’t offend your hosts or the culture. While people from the European region enjoy dining late, your children may not be used to a later meal time. You can vary the times to accommodate both your children and relatives. This will also prevent tired and cranky moods.


Europe is rich in history, monuments, sculptures and paintings. Witnessing the famous displays from a history book is far different than seeing the actual famous works of art in person. Spend time beforehand discussing the areas you’ll be traveling to. This is also the ideal time to talk about your ancestors and how you’ll be visiting places where they may have grown up, lived and gone to school. You can include your children in the process by allowing them to pick areas of interest that are most special to them.

In order to ease the friction that typically occurs when traveling with children, you’ll want to ensure that everyone has the right mindset. You’ll also want to be ready with a thorough plan, and the right gear. Giving children the opportunity to see where their family roots lie and meet ancestors from foreign lands is a valuable experience they’re sure to take with them forever.

Journalist Nadine Swayne has travel abroad and understands well the challenges facing parents traveling with children. However, she says, never pass up the opportunity to explore your family’s history with your children. There are travel resources available to make your trip enjoyable including visiting sites like Shuttle Direct for travel solutions. 

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Creating A Baby Gift Basket? What You Need To Make It Eco-Friendly

gift basket from hosts

Creating A Baby Gift Basket? What You Need To Make It Eco-Friendly

If you’re on the lookout for the latest and greatest thing for a baby gift basket, did you know that you can combine both cutting edge with an eco-friendly bent? Keeping the planet healthy for a child’s future is becoming an important factor for many new mommies and daddies these days, and retailers are all too happy to oblige by making their products with less waste, better materials and recyclable. So where does a savvy shopper get started?

Keeping It Eco-Friendly: Smart Buys

If you’re looking to help parents save the planet while raising their offspring, there are many companies who have taken the “going green” ethos to heart, particularly when it comes to baby items. Look for key words such as “organic,” “non-toxic” and “fair-trade” when seeking out earth-friendly products. Additionally, check out these types of products which make great gifts and give you the most planet-friendly bang for your buck.

1.  Dreamy Baby Blankets

Wrapping your baby in a blanket that is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture-wicking (meaning it moves moisture away from the skin) will make everyone sleep tight. Also make sure it is pesticide-free.

2.  Toxic-Free Baby Bottles

The best baby bottles these days are PBA-free, versatile and completely recyclable. The use of non-toxic materials will make any parent feel good about handing them to their child, and as the baby grows up, some of the bottles can be easily converted to sippy cups. When they’re done, they can share with other parents or simply recycle.

3.  Green Playards and Baby Seats 

For that gift card item in the cute little envelope, parents who are concerned about the materials that touch their baby’s skin every day will love a green, clean new washable playard to help with months of baby care. There are also baby seats that have materials completely free of Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR) which contain potentially harmful contaminants. Some car seat companies also run a recycling program for when baby has outgrown the seat.

4.  New Diaper Fashions

Most parents don’t want to resort to using disposable diapers, but it’s difficult to deny the convenience compared to the cloth variety. Look for diapers that are made with completely organic material, are totally reusable after a wash and leak-proof. Many come in cute styles and colors, making them perfect for the fashion conscious parent as well.

5.  Natural Cleaning Items

Every parent wants to keep their baby and their baby’s play and changing area clean, but many would like to avoid harsh chemicals, focusing on natural ingredients instead. Jessica Alba’s latest venture, for example, offers families a monthly delivery of natural products including diapers, wipes, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotions the whole family can use. Better yet, all the products and their packaging are completely recyclable.

There are many chemical-free household cleaning brands safe for baby. Also, using a playard and other multi-purpose baby items with easy to clean surfaces means there is no need for products with harmful chemicals and there is less waste of space.

6.  Organic Baby Food

Many moms and dads are concerned about what goes into their kid’s food, and with good reason. Jarred foods from the grocery store can often contain additives and preservatives that a baby doesn’t need. Baby food should be non-toxic and BPA-free.

Do a Google search to find organic baby food brands and include sites that will instruct parents on making homemade baby foods from ingredients that they know. Making their own food not only insures that their baby is eating organic and well, but can oftentimes be much cheaper as well. You can find blenders specifically designed for this purpose.

Buying green can help to maintain the planet for generations to come. Finding planet-friendly products made of non-toxic materials that are more likely to be fully recyclable may take a little extra effort, but is well worth it, so do your research to find the best products and deals. To save the new parents some valuable time, create a gift basket filled with great eco-friendly products or give them a gift card they can use to shop online with a green retailer.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer and green living enthusiast who believes we must all do our part to preserve the planet. She is always looking to purchase gift cards for great items like a washable playard to put into adorable gift baskets.

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Health Factors Shedding Some Understanding of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Understanding and Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Remembering when my children were newborns, I would not have wanted to imagine the pain and helplessness of laying them down to sleep, and later not being able to wake them up. For many parents, the death of a child is almost too much to bare. Now just imagine if that child died suddenly and without any apparent cause.  Sadly, parents experience this devastation yearly. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are about 4,000 infants deaths in the United States each year. Its estimated that more than half of those deaths are the result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, more commonly referred to as SIDS, is a medical mystery that causes approximately 2,500 infant deaths in the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, a number of  SIDS cases are associated with babies who were considered to be healthy before their untimely death. Therefore, it is important for parents to educate themselves about the techniques that they can utilize to help reduce their baby’s risk of dying from SIDS.

What are the Main Risk Factors of SIDS?

The majority of SIDS deaths happen while a baby is sleeping. In fact, it is often difficult for medical examiners to find any specific reason for an infant’s death from SIDS aside from the fact that they were asleep. However, SIDS is more likely to occur if the baby has not yet had their first birthday and falls asleep on their stomach.

Parents may not often think about it, but providing a proper sleeping place is very important for a newborn. To help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome medical professional recommend that parents make sure to place their babies on their back to sleep, and do so for the first 12 months of life. When purchasing cribs or baby play yards make sure to follow all safety precautions.

Additionally, there are several other factors that can create an environment that will help SIDS develop. For example, researchers have indicated that exposure to tobacco smoke, being born prematurely, receiving inadequate prenatal care, overheating while sleeping and exposure to drugs, smoking or drinking during pregnancy can all have an impact on whether or not your infant has an increased risk of losing their life to SIDS. It is also important to note that SIDS occurs most often during cold weather, and babies between the ages of two and four months are more likely to succumb to this mysterious medical condition.

Could My Home be Unsafe?

There are several environmental factors that you can introduce into your home environment that could definitely have a negative impact on your infant’s health, including smoking. However, there have been some cases reported that seem to indicate that specific houses and areas have an increased risk of losing babies to SIDS. For example, the Fort Bragg military base lost 10 infants in less than four years who were younger than eight months old. Autopsies indicated that there were no signs of foul play in any of these cases. However, SIDS was only named as the culprit in one of these deaths.

It is important to note that at least two of the infants died while living in the same house. This seems to indicate that there could be something hazardous in the environment of this specific home and perhaps even throughout the entire military housing area. Because of this case study, it is a good idea for parents to research the rate of SIDS cases in any neighborhood that they are considering relocating to. Keep in mind that a low incidence of SIDS in a specific area does not mean that your infant will not be at risk.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides this list of tips to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

1. Always place babies on their backs to sleep.

2. Use the back sleep position every time.

3. Place your baby on a firm sleep surface, such as as a safety-approved crib mattress covered with a fitted sheet.

4. Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby’s sleep area.

5. Avoid letting your baby overheat during sleep.

The best thing that you can do to reduce your baby’s odds of dying from SIDS is to following the above instructions, ensure that you do not create a home environment for them that contains potential triggers such as cigarette smoke, and remember that your infant should always sleep on their back until they are at least 12 months old.

Veteran Journalist Nicole Bailey-Covin has researched Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and reminds parents to always keep a close eye on their newborns while sleeping. She also reminds parents to follow all safety instructions supplied with both baby play yards and cribs. As scientists continue to study the cause of SIDS, parents should do all they can to maintain a healthy environment for the newborn.

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High School Athletes And Dehydration: Deadly Combo

Through the Forest

High school sports mean everything to those who participate in them. Whether it’s a young girl who just wants to spend time with her friends on the softball diamond or young boys looking to lay the foundation for a potential professional football career, these little pieces of high school mean the world to some young people.

Potential colleges and universities also look at a young person’s resume to see which extracurricular activities he has been involved in. College admission is no longer solely based on GPA, but rather how well-rounded a student is. So involvement in community service or athletics is important to include in the application.

The High School Athlete

High school athletes can literally become heroes in “Small Town USA,” and they know it. This often causes some of them to push themselves too hard, and if a teen is pushed far enough by an overzealous coach, they can quickly succumb to dehydration or other health-related problems.

It’s a well-known fact that most teenagers are not great at time management. It should be pointed out that training for young athletes often mandates a large time commitment. Depending on their sport, some teens must be at practice for as much as 6 days out of the week during the school year. That combined with the academic course load can be overwhelming for some students.

Practices during the summer months are usually held when the sun is at its hottest. The treeless playing fields or track surfaces can also radiate heat onto the athlete. Of course, teenagers also don’t like to allot precious time to sleeping or good nutrition. The likelihood of fatigue and getting run down is very high for teens because they don’t spend enough time on rest or recovery.

Potential Dangers Faced By Athletes

Just looking at the recent unpredictable weather in the nation is enough to understand how a teen can get injured in his sport. Even though many areas have experienced flooding, we have wide areas that are suffering from drought, making them vulnerable to fires. And with global warming, our summers are hotter. In South Carolina, for instance, there is a daily average high of 90 degrees. When this is added to a relative humidity ranging from 50 to 90, it’s a recipe for disaster for the student athlete.

This is why it’s so important for parents, especially those with high school athletes, to keep up with their teen’s sports activities. Dropping in on after-school training, for instance, can give a parent an idea of whether the coach is asking too much on a day of extreme heat. Additionally, a parent can take notice if their child starts showcasing strange behaviors that could relate to heat stroke or dehydration. Finally, a parent should never brush off their teen’s complaints of “weakness.” Their coach could legitimately be going over the line, when winning is the most important thing on his agenda.

The Aftermath Of Injury

It’s a sad fact, but teenagers have actually died from their coaches pushing them too hard when the heat outside should have had them, and their teammates, sidelined. If a parent’s teen becomes ill because of exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke, it’s imperative that they let the school know what has occurred. Speaking with the coach may also prevent any other students from falling victim to this situation.

Additionally, Hofland & Tomsheck Attorneys say a parent may be able to sue the school and coach for negligence. A coach who pushes a child too far can literally cause injuries that can prevent them from ever playing again, and in worst case scenarios, even end their life. Coaches are supposed to be trained professionals, so when they push teens further than they should be pushed, it can definitely constitute a form of negligence.

Every parent wants their child to be happy, and if playing a sport where everyone admires high school athletes is what it takes to make them happy, all the better. It’s important, though, for parents to strive to protect their teenager while they’re on the field. Passing out from exhaustion, dehydration, or sunstroke isn’t going to make them a better athlete. In the end, it could cost them much more than a high school sporting career.

Freelance writer Debbie Nguyen believes that youth sports should be fun, safe, and teach kids good sportsmanship. She is lucky her two teens’ coaches have always exemplified professionalism.

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The Most Valuable Gift Of All…Teaching Your Toddler To Share

where do the children play?


Children who learn the value of sharing at an early age will mature into balanced and well-adjusted adults who are focused on helping others. Your toddler may have natural instincts to keep their belongings for their own enjoyment, especially as they reach the terrible twos stage of life. However, it’s important to let this phase pass quickly by incorporating acts of kindness and generosity into their everyday activities.

Ask to Borrow a Favorite Toy

If your child has a favorite toy, you can relay the importance of sharing by asking to borrow it. Whether you tell them you’re going to take it to work and show your co-workers or you want to bring it to a family gathering, you’ll get the opportunity to explain the importance the gift of sharing can bring to an individual.

Childhood Squabbles

It’s natural for childhood squabbles to occur over a toys or a favorite belonging when children play together. However, you can ease their tempers by having your child offer it to others to play with for a certain amount of time. When the clock says it’s time to give it back, it can go to the next person to play with. This can be done until everyone has gotten a fair amount of time to play with the item.

In the same manner that you purchase learning toys for toddlers in order to teach them age appropriate skills, it is a good idea to create opportunities for your child to practice sharing and being kind to others.

Set a Good Example

You can be a good role model for your child by setting a good example. When your toddler witnesses you sharing your food, clothing, cooking utensils and yard equipment, they’ll follow your lead. You can do this by sharing items with your spouse, children, friends, family members and neighbors.

Items of Value

If your child has a few prized possessions such as a favorite teddy bear, blanket or ball, you can give them the go ahead to hide them before a play date. However, you need to set the ground rules ahead of time and let them know that the remaining toys and items that are left behind are fair game and should be shared.

Refrain from Punishments

Try not to punish a child for failing to share. You can express your sadness and disappointment in their lack of sharing, but you should never make it into a big deal. Your child will eventually learn the importance of sharing, and the repercussions if they don’t when they hang out with their friends. They’ll eventually come around when they realize the happiness and joy it can bring to another person.

The Importance of Friendship

While certain belongings may hold value and should be cherished, you’ll find other objects to be replaceable. This is the ideal time to teach your child that friendships and getting along with others proves far more favorable than the actual object. While it doesn’t mean that they have to give everything they own away, you want to express the importance of being generous to those less fortunate.

A toddler who refuses to share their favorite doll or truck doesn’t mean to be cruel. Unfortunately, they’re just acting normal for their age. The good part is that sharing is a learned trait that they’ll develop over the course of their toddler years. With a little practice, encouragement and by setting a good example, your toddler will learn the value of sharing.

Teresa Stewart is a professional blogger with an interest in parenting issues. She has found that children typically learn by example and parents can find many teachable moments during the course of their daily activities to get their children into the habit of sharing.
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The New Frontier Of Healthcare Systems

Medical/Surgical Operative Photography

The New Frontier Of Healthcare Systems

Technological advancements touch every aspect of modern life. While many people focus on how these advancements can benefit them at home or at work, they may be unaware of how these innovations are improving the way that doctors and medical professionals provide services to the public.

However, the medical arena has benefited from these changes in several notable ways. The public can appreciate these technological improvements by discovering how these changes allow them to receive better and faster healthcare.

Electronic Records

People used to have to languish for hours in the emergency room or doctor’s office simply because their physician had to wait for their paper medical records to be retrieved from a vault or file room. Now, however, doctors can quickly pull up patient records electronically, shortening the time that people must wait for treatment that could lessen their pain or alleviate their suffering. Many doctors’ offices and hospitals utilize vast electronic systems that keep records safely stored, yet readily accessible to physicians.

Mobile Health Devices

Just as providers can gain access to electronic records, they can similarly document and transmit patient information with mobile technology. Gone are the days when a physician would have to write down a person’s symptoms or treatment plans and then send that record via courier or the mail to a specialist or laboratory. A doctor can now use a tablet computer or a smartphone to transmit electronically this information to the intended recipient.

Patient Portals

When people have questions or concerns that need to be addressed immediately, they can get the quick help that they need by logging into their patient portal online. Many medical facilities offer portals for patients that allow people to email their doctors, chat virtually with a healthcare representative, or verify information, all without having to make an appointment with their provider.

A portal also allows people to pay their bills, make changes to their patient records, or access educational resources that will help them manage their conditions at home in between appointments.

Rural Telehealth Services

Bridging the healthcare gap in rural communities continues to be a top priority for many medical facilities. Doctors and nurses realize that they may be unable to make trips from isolated areas into bigger cities to consult with specialists and laboratory professionals. Rather than leave rural-dwelling patient isolated without access to quality healthcare, providers in these distant settings can use telehealth technology to consult with physicians in other locations. This technology allows providers to share information and determine the best course of treatment for people who would otherwise go without vital care for their conditions.

Wearable Wireless Technology

Because doctors typically care for and manage a large number of patients, they increasingly rely on wearable medical technology that allow them to get instant access to a patient’s physical information.

A person who is suffering from a heart condition, for example, can be fitted with a wearable device that will transmit readings wirelessly to the physician’s office. The doctor can respond quickly with the best treatment if the person shows signs of distress.

These advancements continue to help doctors treat patients better. The public can take satisfaction in realizing how the technological improvements extend beyond their everyday lives and into the way their physicians manage their healthcare.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast. After witnessing an innovative electronic transition in a local hospital she was visiting, she was inspired to research and contribute this article. 

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A Child’s Duty To An Aging Parent

Friends and Family

A Child’s Duty To An Aging Parent

Although many families do not discuss it, children should inherently understand that it will be their responsibility to help ensure that their parents are not ignored, forsaken or forgotten during the latter years of their lives. After all, many elderly people reach a point where they are unable to properly care for themselves, and they should be able to rely on their adult children to help them deal with the situation.

What Steps Should I Take?

The single most important thing that you can do for your parents is find a safe and comfortable environment for them to live out their golden years. This means making sure that they are not suffering or in need of basic care and assistance. For some families, this need is met by moving an elderly parent into their adult child’s home. However, this can become problematic, especially if an elderly parent requires specialized medical assistance or is unable to complete some of their typical daily tasks without help.

Keep in mind that moving an elderly parent into your home will make you responsible for keeping them comfortable and safe, and this is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Due to this, many families decide to look into alternative options instead.

The Perks Of Assisted Living

One of the best solutions for a family that does not have the ability to take care of an aging parent in their own home is to utilize an assisted living facility. These communities provide their residents with the opportunity to remain as independent as possible, but there will also be staff members around to assist whenever necessary.

Additionally, assisted living communities typically provide nutritious meals, socialization opportunities and a wide variety of other perks that make them a much more attractive option for elderly individuals who want to have a full and enriching life. After all, there is only so much that someone can do while they are living in their adult child’s home, but moving into an assisted living facility will give them the ability to stay busy on a regular basis and make new friends.

Choosing The Right Community

It is natural for adult children to feel guilty about the idea of moving their parents into an assisted living community. However, when you consider all of the perks that are associated with these facilities, it becomes much easier to understand why so many families utilize them. However, you should still take the time to look through all of your local options so that you can determine which community is the best fit for your parents. As an added bonus, assisted living facilities are available throughout the entire country, so you should not need to move your parents

For example, if they currently live in the metropolitan Atlanta area, there are Dunwoody assisted living facilities, in the northern part of the city, as well as Decatur towards the east of the city and as far north as Alpharetta. You should be able to find a facility in areas which are familiar to your parents or more convenient to your home, making visits easy.

Ultimately, it is up to every adult child to make sure that their elderly parents are properly taken care of. In most cases, utilizing an assisted living community is one of the best options for ensuring that your parents will have a high quality of life. Your parents carried you once as a babe, it’s your turn now to carry their transition into the golden years as seamlessly as possible.

It was always understood in author Debbie Nguyen’s culture that the elderly would be taken care of by their family. Not providing care and stability for the elderly is considered shameful among family members and the community.

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How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life

Don't drink and drive?

How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life

While driving comes with numerous responsibilities, you’ll find it also is a privilege to be able to get where you want to go independently. However, driving while intoxicated not only is dangerous to innocent people, it can get your privileges revoked. It can also cause havoc on your life and family with each offense and conviction.

Fines and Penalties

First time penalties are typically steep, no matter what state you reside in. For instance, in the state of Virginia, a first offense can result in one day to 12 months of incarceration, one year of driver’s license suspension, and a fine ranging from $250 to $2,500. Law enforcement officials are cracking down on drunken driving offenses by creating stiffer penalties for individuals who fail to follow the rules of the roadway. Drinking and driving can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent victims. First time offenders can also face a suspended license, community service and jail time.

As noted by DUI attorney, Kevin Wilson,”Most DUI penalties only become reality if there is a conviction. Some DUI consequences are put in place at the time the DUI offense is charged, even though there is no conviction.” Repeat offenders can expect increased penalties for multiple DUI cases with higher fines, loss of a driver’s license and mandatory jail time. Your vehicle may even be impounded and seized for your reckless behavior.

Financial Distress

Multiple DUI offenses can wreak havoc with your finances for your family. If you live on a current tight budget, you may experience more financial hardship with the exorbitant fines and penalties caused by driving drunk. Your insurance rates could also skyrocket and cause you further monetary distress. If you lose your license or find yourself in prison because of your DUI, you could be out of a job, putting further strain on your family. This could be especially traumatic if you’re the primary breadwinner of the family, and they rely on you for your sole income.

Social Hardship

In addition to your financial distress, you could face social hardship with multiple DUI offenses. While one DUI conviction is too many, you could get your life in order with the right direction. However, more than one offense can harm your social life. If you’re single, it could impact how you date and meet new people. You could also become a nuisance with your friends if they have to pick you up for every party or social occasion. Your children could also look upon you with disappointment and anger.

Mental Anguish

Underlying issues may be at the center of your drinking problems and cause you to resort to alcohol as a crutch. Multiple DUI convictions can cause depression and mental anguish, especially if you’ve become a pariah to your family, children and friends. You may also experience feelings of despondency if you’ve disappointed your family with your irresponsibility.

Work and Career

If you’ve a promising career ahead of you, your multiple DUI offenses could be problematic and cause you to miss out on promotions or raises. If you’re in search of better opportunities and currently looking for a job, your DUI will show up on your background check and cause you to be overlooked for employment. For high-powered individuals such as CEOs, bankers and politicians, this can be a substantial blemish and ruin your reputation within the business community.

Drinking and driving offenses can be remedied with an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney. You can also take charge of your life by seeking counseling to remedy your drinking problems. Another simple solution if you plan on going out and partying is to designate a driver such as a cab, public transportation or friend to get you to and from your destination safely and without incidence.

Writer Nadine Swayne presents this advice in hopes of making people stop and think before driving drunk. Nadine found informative research on the website of attorney Kevin Wilson, when gathering materials for this article.

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Jake’s Law And Its Impact On Distracted Driving

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Jake’s Law And Its Impact On Distracted Driving

A recent study published by the Pew Research Institute indicated that more than 90% of the population in this country now owns at least one cell phone. With more mobile users than ever, it is little wonder that cell phone usage extends beyond simple phone calls or text messages made at home or the office. In fact, many people think nothing of holding a conversation or sending off a few texts while they are driving their car.

However, using a mobile device while driving is increasingly being called into question, and many states have taken steps to ban it altogether. The passing of Jake’s Law in Maryland, as well as other legal steps taken in other states, can cut back on incidents of distracted driving because of cell phone use in several critical ways.

Ramifications Beyond Misdemeanors and Fines

Many people believe that when they are involved in an accident, that obtaining legal help will be costly. Most people don’t realize that the attorney is actually paid by the insurance company. However, there are other fines and fees associated with a distracted driving case.

Up until recently, drivers who caused crashes because they were talking or texting on a mobile phone typically faced few significant ramifications for their behavior. The confines of the laws stipulated that these offenders could only be punished with misdemeanor traffic charges or monetary fines that arguably, amounted to little.

With the passing of Jake’s Law by the Maryland General Assembly, however, drivers convicted of causing a wreck because of using a phone while driving, now face at least one year in jail. The idea of going to jail, let alone causing a crash that takes an innocent victim’s life, has proven effective in sending the message that calling, texting, or otherwise using a mobile device while driving will not be tolerated in that state.

Other States are Following Suit

Other states have taken the lead that Maryland has offered by considering or passing similar legislation. In fact, the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration notes on its website that 12 states, as well as the territories of Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C, have passed legislation banning any use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. These states and territories now allow police officers to pull over and cite a driver for using a mobile device while driving, even if that individual was not committing any other traffic offense, such as speeding or failing to use a turn signal. The law banning mobile devices is now considered a primary traffic offense in these states.

Text Messaging and Novice Drivers

While other states have yet to pass laws making this activity a primary traffic offense, many continue to pass and consider legislation that prohibits novice drivers from using phones in any form while operating a car. Likewise, more states are passing laws that ban text messaging while a person is driving, with the state of Washington taking the lead in this legal action in 2007. While some people argue that they should have the right to make calls or send texts as needed while they are in their cars, states like Maryland understand that tragedies can occur with little notice, all because people were too busy calling or sending messages instead of paying attention the road before them.

With more people than ever owning and using cell phones on a daily basis, states are quickly catching on to the risks that come from mobile device usage while driving. Maryland and other state assemblies are now passing legislation such as Jake’s Law that are helping to put the dent in distracted driving.

Understanding that cellphone use can wait if you’re driving prompted Nadine Swayne to write this article. Distracted driving has become an ever growing problem that legislation is fighting hard to put the brakes on. With new laws being put in place, this dangerous practice will hopefully end.

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