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Surprising Dangers of Prescription Drug Dependency And Your Family

Surprising Dangers of Prescription Drug Dependency And Your Family

Lately, whenever you read the news, it seems that another Hollywood celebrity has just entered or just returned from rehab because he or she was addicted to prescription medication. Surprisingly, prescription drug addiction is dangerous, and much more common than you may realize. It is something that affects many people – not just celebrities.

Many prescription drugs are habit-forming and addictive. Medicines from painkillers to sleeping pills to ADHD drugs such as Ritalin, are all common forms of pills that anyone can become dependent upon using. The employment of prescribed medications today is so common, that many times, we don’t think twice about the potential for abuse, misuse, or dependency.

Drug Dependency Can Happen to Anyone

Another danger of becoming dependent on prescription drugs is that it can happen to just about anyone. Elderly people who take many medications may become dependent long-term. Women take more prescribed tranquilizers and mood enhancing pills, so they are more susceptible to addiction than men. Teens are also vulnerable when it comes to drug dependency – especially if they see their parents partaking on a regular basis.

Drug Dependency Can Occur Over Time

When people take prescription medication for pain, for sleeping, or for mood improvements, often they learn to like the effects of these drugs, and feel that they are unable to function without them. In some cases, people may think, “If one pill has this positive effect, then two or more will make me feel even better.” This is a dangerous road that can lead to many complications including physical, emotional, legal and relationship issues.

Effects of Prescription Drug Dependency

Probably the most obvious concerns that people with drug addictions face are physical ones. An abundance of health problems can happen to someone who takes pills every day, including irregular heartbeat, risk of heart attack, seizures, hostility, paranoia, infections and overdose.

All of these risk factors can lead to financial troubles, serious relationship issues with other family members and friends, and legal issues such as getting arrested for stealing or forging prescriptions. “Drug crimes do not just pertain to street drugs. Drug crime laws also address the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs,” says Perhaps even your professional career can be in jeopardy as a result of your performance at work, or because you have missed too many days due to health issues.

Preventing Abuse and Dependency

Thankfully, if you or a loved one is on path toward drug dependency or abuse, there are steps you can take to prevent the consequences of this dangerous road.

1. Speak to your doctor about your concerns. Make sure you let him or her know about all the medication you are taking, how often and how you feel as a result.

2. Follow directions carefully. Never change the dosage on your own, especially if you feel inclined to increase it. Check with your doctor first to make sure you are taking the medication only as prescribed as the proper dosage.

3. Ask your pharmacist about side effects. Always know what type of side effects or primary effects the drugs will have. Make sure you understand completely about potential interactions with other medications or alcohol, too.

4. Never take someone else’s pills. Even if you have the same symptoms, never take someone else’s prescribed medication. Speak to your doctor about your specific condition, as your prescription may be completely different than a friend’s or family member’s.

If you or someone you love is in danger of prescription drug dependency, know that help is available. Speak to your doctor or medical professional, or join a support group as soon as possible.

After watching more than one of her friends go down this unfortunate road, author Molly Pearce decided to write this post in the hopes it might make just one reader think twice. Most of her research for this article was done online, on medical and legal sites, such as The web is a great source of info and support for those struggling with prescription abuse or dependency.

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Looking For a Unique Proposal Idea? Try a Gift Basket!

The gift that keeps on giving

Looking For A Unique Proposal Idea? Try A Gift Basket

When you’ve finally found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life and start a family with, you can’t wait to ask for their hand in marriage. However, engagement proposals on bended knee have been done before. If you’re looking for a unique way to ask your intended if they’ll marry you, you may want to consider a personalized gift bag or gift basket. Although you do not have to break the bank for this unique themed proposal, you do want to make it personal and intimate for your beloved. Below are a few ideas to help get you started towards the big day.

A Touch Of Hollywood Glamour

From celebrities like Kim Kardashian to events like the Golden Globe Awards, gift bags and baskets have become known as an elegant and sophisticated token of appreciation and extravagance. If your sweetheart is a fan of Hollywood glam, try compiling a gift bag with some of her most notable celebrity items, such signature perfume by her favorite Hollywood icon, a bottle of designer sparkling water or juice, high end organic snacks, and your engagement ring nestled at the bottom of the bag.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Marriage is one of the happiest times in a couple’s life, and you want to make the proposal a memorable occasion. In order to mark your journey together, place your focus on items that will showcase the places and events that led up to the proposal. You can put together a gift basket using movie ticket stubs, theater flyers and stuffed animals.

Your proposal basket can also include gifts, notes and pictures. If you’ve taken trips together, include brochures and paraphernalia collected on your adventures, hiding the ring underneath the layers of items. When you’re done taking a walk down memory lane, she’ll find the ring as she unfolds the final piece of the puzzle. What an amazing memory to add to your new life together.

Commit To The Future

Many of today’s couples are deciding to tone down the nuptial arrangements and use the money toward a home and family. Also, couples often “blend” families when getting married. If you’ve talked about what you would like to do with your future, personalize your proposal gift basket with for sale signs, home listings, new construction sites, specific home features and pictures of cats, dogs and your children. You can also have a small box wrapped that says “Home Sweet Home.” When the package is opened, your intended will see the ring and how it’s a symbol of your commitment to your future together as a couple.

Honeymoon Celebration

The honeymoon is an important part of any wedding celebration. Since the hard work of putting the wedding together is behind you, you’re now free to relax and enjoy your time together as a couple. If you’ve discussed places that you’ve always dreamed of going on a honeymoon, put together a proposal basket that makes your honeymoon trip into a reality.

Consider starting your special evening with a menu designed around the location you would like to visit. The gift basket can also include brochures, travel pamphlets and attractions that you both would like to visit. After your intended accepts the proposal, you have the materials that you need to put together and plan your honeymoon. Artifacts and miniature sculptures from the region are a great way to hide and display the engagement ring.

Love and Romance

In addition to Valentine’s Day, a marriage proposal is one of the most romantic events in a couple’s life. You can take this theme to the ultimate of romantic levels by creating the right scenario. Using your fireplace as the backdrop, a well laid out picnic could be the perfect way to wow your sweetheart with your proposal basket including picnic fare, chocolates, massage oils and monogrammed bathrobes. You can also have a cookie bouquet inscribed to ask your intended for their hand in marriage. In the middle of this delicious edible setting, the engagement ring can be displayed discreetly.

From helicopter rides and sunsets to sky writing and billboards, marriage proposals have become a creative outlet for asking your loved one to spend your life together. Personalized proposal gift baskets and bags are a great way for you to stand out from the traditional methods and make your dreams come alive.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer and enjoys making gift baskets for special occasions for friends and family. In her opinion, a wedding proposal, with a ring found jewelry district in Los Angeles, CA, is just such an occasion that would be perfect for a personalized gift basket.

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The Most Valuable Gift Of All…Teaching Your Toddler To Share

where do the children play?


Children who learn the value of sharing at an early age will mature into balanced and well-adjusted adults who are focused on helping others. Your toddler may have natural instincts to keep their belongings for their own enjoyment, especially as they reach the terrible twos stage of life. However, it’s important to let this phase pass quickly by incorporating acts of kindness and generosity into their everyday activities.

Ask to Borrow a Favorite Toy

If your child has a favorite toy, you can relay the importance of sharing by asking to borrow it. Whether you tell them you’re going to take it to work and show your co-workers or you want to bring it to a family gathering, you’ll get the opportunity to explain the importance the gift of sharing can bring to an individual.

Childhood Squabbles

It’s natural for childhood squabbles to occur over a toys or a favorite belonging when children play together. However, you can ease their tempers by having your child offer it to others to play with for a certain amount of time. When the clock says it’s time to give it back, it can go to the next person to play with. This can be done until everyone has gotten a fair amount of time to play with the item.

In the same manner that you purchase learning toys for toddlers in order to teach them age appropriate skills, it is a good idea to create opportunities for your child to practice sharing and being kind to others.

Set a Good Example

You can be a good role model for your child by setting a good example. When your toddler witnesses you sharing your food, clothing, cooking utensils and yard equipment, they’ll follow your lead. You can do this by sharing items with your spouse, children, friends, family members and neighbors.

Items of Value

If your child has a few prized possessions such as a favorite teddy bear, blanket or ball, you can give them the go ahead to hide them before a play date. However, you need to set the ground rules ahead of time and let them know that the remaining toys and items that are left behind are fair game and should be shared.

Refrain from Punishments

Try not to punish a child for failing to share. You can express your sadness and disappointment in their lack of sharing, but you should never make it into a big deal. Your child will eventually learn the importance of sharing, and the repercussions if they don’t when they hang out with their friends. They’ll eventually come around when they realize the happiness and joy it can bring to another person.

The Importance of Friendship

While certain belongings may hold value and should be cherished, you’ll find other objects to be replaceable. This is the ideal time to teach your child that friendships and getting along with others proves far more favorable than the actual object. While it doesn’t mean that they have to give everything they own away, you want to express the importance of being generous to those less fortunate.

A toddler who refuses to share their favorite doll or truck doesn’t mean to be cruel. Unfortunately, they’re just acting normal for their age. The good part is that sharing is a learned trait that they’ll develop over the course of their toddler years. With a little practice, encouragement and by setting a good example, your toddler will learn the value of sharing.

Teresa Stewart is a professional blogger with an interest in parenting issues. She has found that children typically learn by example and parents can find many teachable moments during the course of their daily activities to get their children into the habit of sharing.
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Recognizing The Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Your Child

Sunday morning pleasures

Recognizing The Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Your Child

Sexual abuse in children is something that no one wants to acknowledge but everyone knows occurs. Nobody can fathom how someone could do this to a child, yet sadly, about 12 percent of all children born will be subjected to this type of abuse. Some experts believe that the percentage is almost double this rate, but that many cases are unreported.

This type of abuse generally occurs by someone that is either an immediate member of the family or a very close family friend. These are the people that you least expect this type of behavior from towards your children. Teachers, counselors and coaches have also been associated with this type of act due to their close relationships that they form with children.

Knowing some of the signs of sexual abuse can help you protect your children and get them the help they need if it is discovered that abuse is taking place.

 Withdrawal From Family and Friends The guilt and shame that these children feel often cause them to withdraw from their family and friends.

• Inappropriate Knowledge If your child seems to have knowledge of sex that is beyond their age or experience, it is safe to think that they are learning it from somewhere that is inappropriate.
Eating Disorders If your child’s eating patterns drastically change, there is an emotional issue taking place. Severe overeating or under eating are both signs of sexual abuse.
Behavior Changes Out of frustration, these children often become very angry and very emotional.
New Friend If your child seems to be building a relationship with an adult that is not making you feel comfortable, trust your instincts.

Self-Harm Many children will begin to hurt themselves physically as a way to “change” their body and make themselves less desirable.These are only a fee of the more noticeable signs. Other signs include a dramatic change in their school work, lack of interest in any of their hobbies or favorite activities, and a fear of going around specific adults.

What to Do If You Discover Your Child Is Being Abused

If your child is being sexually abused, the first thing that you must do is notify the police so that an investigation can be started and an arrest can be made. Once you have notified the authorities, you will need to seek counseling for your child and you will need to contact representation, whether that means a Florida sex crime lawyer or a New Jersey family attorney. Your child will need legal representation and may be entitled to specific compensation under the law.

It is very sad that parents must keep a diligent watch for this type of event in their child’s life, but it is a fact. With twelve out of every one hundred children suffering from this type of abuse, the risk is high. Parents, however, can make a difference by looking for signs and stopping this type of abuse as soon as possible. With love, compassion, and the right counseling, any child who has suffered this type of abuse can recover and go on to live a long and happy life.

Concerned parent Molly Pearce writes this post to educate readers on the epidemic of child sexual abuse and how to protect their rights and the rights of their children. Taking action against an offender can be daunting for a child and/or parent but is always worthwhile. Molly learned more about the litigation process in a case like this from the website of Florida sex crime lawyer firm, Katz & Phillips, PA.

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A Child’s Duty To An Aging Parent

Friends and Family

A Child’s Duty To An Aging Parent

Although many families do not discuss it, children should inherently understand that it will be their responsibility to help ensure that their parents are not ignored, forsaken or forgotten during the latter years of their lives. After all, many elderly people reach a point where they are unable to properly care for themselves, and they should be able to rely on their adult children to help them deal with the situation.

What Steps Should I Take?

The single most important thing that you can do for your parents is find a safe and comfortable environment for them to live out their golden years. This means making sure that they are not suffering or in need of basic care and assistance. For some families, this need is met by moving an elderly parent into their adult child’s home. However, this can become problematic, especially if an elderly parent requires specialized medical assistance or is unable to complete some of their typical daily tasks without help.

Keep in mind that moving an elderly parent into your home will make you responsible for keeping them comfortable and safe, and this is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Due to this, many families decide to look into alternative options instead.

The Perks Of Assisted Living

One of the best solutions for a family that does not have the ability to take care of an aging parent in their own home is to utilize an assisted living facility. These communities provide their residents with the opportunity to remain as independent as possible, but there will also be staff members around to assist whenever necessary.

Additionally, assisted living communities typically provide nutritious meals, socialization opportunities and a wide variety of other perks that make them a much more attractive option for elderly individuals who want to have a full and enriching life. After all, there is only so much that someone can do while they are living in their adult child’s home, but moving into an assisted living facility will give them the ability to stay busy on a regular basis and make new friends.

Choosing The Right Community

It is natural for adult children to feel guilty about the idea of moving their parents into an assisted living community. However, when you consider all of the perks that are associated with these facilities, it becomes much easier to understand why so many families utilize them. However, you should still take the time to look through all of your local options so that you can determine which community is the best fit for your parents. As an added bonus, assisted living facilities are available throughout the entire country, so you should not need to move your parents

For example, if they currently live in the metropolitan Atlanta area, there are Dunwoody assisted living facilities, in the northern part of the city, as well as Decatur towards the east of the city and as far north as Alpharetta. You should be able to find a facility in areas which are familiar to your parents or more convenient to your home, making visits easy.

Ultimately, it is up to every adult child to make sure that their elderly parents are properly taken care of. In most cases, utilizing an assisted living community is one of the best options for ensuring that your parents will have a high quality of life. Your parents carried you once as a babe, it’s your turn now to carry their transition into the golden years as seamlessly as possible.

It was always understood in author Debbie Nguyen’s culture that the elderly would be taken care of by their family. Not providing care and stability for the elderly is considered shameful among family members and the community.

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Fighting For SSI For Your Sick Child


Fighting For SSI For Your Sick Child

Most women physically experience euphoria after the birth of a baby. Unfortunately, sometimes this euphoria is short-lived because the pregnancy resulted in an ill baby, due to prematurity or other health problems.

Possible Health Problems

Some of the more common health problems that newborns experience are jaundice and breathing problems. More serious complications include exposed spinal structures (spina bifida), too much fluid inside or around the brain (hydrocephalus), exposed bowel.

Premature babies, those who are born before 37 weeks gestation, may have some of these issues on top of other complications, such as brain bleeds, seizures, undeveloped lungs, fluid in the lungs, apnea, anemia, and infections.

When your child has been born with a disability or is born prematurely, they may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program was designed to help provide financial stability for individuals in this country who are unable to care for themselves due to their disability.

Born Too Soon

SSI also takes into account babies who were born prematurely, before 37 weeks, or born at a very low birth weight. But delivery date and weight are not the only factors taken into account for determining if the baby qualifies for disability, because premature babies are known to have significant health issues, developmental problems being some of them.

The only exceptions made so that the baby receives benefits right away are if the baby is born with the following conditions:

• Total Blindness or Deafness
• Down Syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Birth weight that is below 2 pounds 10 ounces.

The Approval Process

This program requires the parents or guardians of an ill baby to apply for benefits. The approval process is not automatic and can take anywhere from six months to a year to approve.

Approval by the Department for Disability Determinations is based on the child’s medical history. This can be an intimidating process. You will work with many different people at the Social Security Office and each will require specific documentation to prove the child’s condition. In many cases, it will be a request for duplicate files and forms. You will need infinite patience. You will also need to provide contact information for doctors, caregivers, family members and friends who can all verify the condition of your baby.

The process will also be very time consuming, and in many cases your application will be denied. You will have the right to appeal this decision, but it will extend the process for another six months to a year.

Parents must also realize that once benefits are approved, it is only good for one year and must be re-determined following that time period. The health problems that the baby has must also be a long-term or ongoing condition.

Help With Approval

To ensure that your baby receives all of the benefits that they are entitled to, it is recommended that parents or guardians seek the assistance of a long term disability lawyer. You can enlist their services at any time in the process, even if you initially received a denial when you applied on your own.

A SSD (Social Security Disability) lawyer has the experience and knowledge on how this system works and will be able to guide you through the process of navigating the red tape involved. They will know how to present your baby’s case so that it is effective in gaining him benefits.

They know exactly what the Social Security Administration is looking for in medical documentation, and they will make sure that you have the correct information to submit in a timely manner that will expedite the approval.

In addition, the attorney can also make sure that your child receives all of the help that they are entitled to under disability programs. This may include the supplemental SSI, enrollment in the appropriate health care plan, respite care, and even vouchers for groceries. In most cases, children are automatically enrolled into Medicaid when they qualify for SSD; however this varies from state to state.

Caring for a child with a disability is a lifelong commitment. It is something that a parent or guardian does with love and compassion. It is a good thing that financial aid is available for these children and their families so that parents can help these children to the best of their abilities. Many times, other health problems arise which require ongoing treatment for the child, that the family is financially unable to take care of.

A denial for benefits is common, but it does not have to be permanent. Fight for the benefits that your child deserves by using a qualified SSD attorney.

Debbie Nguyen’s firstborn was a preemie, born with a long list of health complications. He was able to receive SSI because he was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2 pounds, 7 ounces. A long term disability lawyer helped ensure that he got benefits up until the age of 2, even though many of his seizures ceased at 18 months.

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Family Traveling To Europe? Remember The Rules Of The Road!

P80900061-Look alert! They drive on the left!

Traveling To Europe? Remember The Rules Of The Road!

International travel is an exciting way to broaden your family’s horizons, learn about new cultures and dive into new cuisines. One of the most popular destinations is Europe, with the United Kingdom being a particular favorite. After all, not only do you and your family get to travel to a new foreign destination, but you can leave the phrasebook at home and easily communicate with the locals. The only problem? The whole “wrong side of the road” thing.

While this charming difference can be interesting at first, it also poses a huge accident risk for tourists with little to no experience with it. Is it possible to explore the UK without getting behind the wheel?

Just Left Of Center

Getting into an accident on vacation because you’re unfamiliar with the local rules of the road is actually more common than you might think. Worldwide, it’s estimated that up to 25,000 people per year are in accidents while traveling abroad on holiday [Source: Advanced Drivers of America]. Getting out and seeing the United Kingdom doesn’t have to impede on your family’s safety. In fact, the transportation system in the UK is actually so robust, many citizens do not even own a car. If you’re looking to get the most out of your visit, looking for alternative transportation is one of the cheapest and safest things you can do.

Book An airport shuttle

As most guidebooks will tell you, hiring a taxi from the airport is extremely expensive in the United Kingdom. Those who are looking to save money and arrive at their hotel safely can look into pre-booked shuttle services which operate from most major UK airports. These can be arranged to take you to nearly anywhere you want to go, even destinations further afield. Additionally, your family can oftentimes take advantage of great discounts when you book on the web. Visiting websites like Shuttle Direct can help answer questions about how to book a shuttle service and schedule for particular areas.

the tube

Use “The Tube”

London is home to one of the best, safest and cleanest transportation networks in the world, and learning to use it is actually easy. If you are planning on being in town for a certain length of time, look into purchasing a travel card for the weekend or week, which will allow you to use the Underground network, buses and trains within the zones you purchase it for as much as you like. Ask your hotel or guest residence where the closest tube is, or if there is a particular bus line to use. The kids will surely get a kick out of riding The Tube!

Investigate Trains And Buses Between Cities

Visiting any city in Great Britain is easy, cheap and convenient with their reliable rail network. If you can, look to book your tickets early to find the best family deals. There are even overnight “sleeper trains” that you can take for longer distances to Scotland, as well as trains that can connect you to ferries to take you to Ireland or France.

Check Out Local Transportation Offerings

Every city in the UK, even the smallest and most quaint villages, have some sort of local transportation to get people around. Buses and trains usually run on schedules, so be sure to look for local information before you set off on your journey. Drivers on public buses are generally quite friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask them to let you know when you’ve arrived at your stop.

Hop On A Tour Bus

While you’re visiting Great Britain, getting a tour bus to some of their most famous sites is a great way to meet other travelers and learn more about the countries. A knowledgeable tour guide can tell you everything you need to know about World Herritage sites such as Stonehenge, and open-topped bus tours of London, Liverpool and Edinburgh are even popular with British citizens. Take a look at various tours offered. There’s generally something for everyone in the family, from British beer tours to a closer look at the grand palaces.

With the great transportation options open to your family, why opt for the hassle of driving on the “wrong” side of the road? The UK’s transportation system can get you virtually anywhere, and generally cheaper and faster than by car. Take a step towards safety when you’re traveling around the UK. 

Journalist Nadine Swayne is familiar with traveling abroad and shares with readers her tips on successfully getting around the UK. She searched websites like Shuttle Direct to learn more about the benefits of shuttle services. If your family travels to the UK, Nadine says it is best to be a passenger and not a drivers, because the wrong side of the road is the right side in the United Kingdom.

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How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life

Don't drink and drive?

How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life

While driving comes with numerous responsibilities, you’ll find it also is a privilege to be able to get where you want to go independently. However, driving while intoxicated not only is dangerous to innocent people, it can get your privileges revoked. It can also cause havoc on your life and family with each offense and conviction.

Fines and Penalties

First time penalties are typically steep, no matter what state you reside in. For instance, in the state of Virginia, a first offense can result in one day to 12 months of incarceration, one year of driver’s license suspension, and a fine ranging from $250 to $2,500. Law enforcement officials are cracking down on drunken driving offenses by creating stiffer penalties for individuals who fail to follow the rules of the roadway. Drinking and driving can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent victims. First time offenders can also face a suspended license, community service and jail time.

As noted by DUI attorney, Kevin Wilson,”Most DUI penalties only become reality if there is a conviction. Some DUI consequences are put in place at the time the DUI offense is charged, even though there is no conviction.” Repeat offenders can expect increased penalties for multiple DUI cases with higher fines, loss of a driver’s license and mandatory jail time. Your vehicle may even be impounded and seized for your reckless behavior.

Financial Distress

Multiple DUI offenses can wreak havoc with your finances for your family. If you live on a current tight budget, you may experience more financial hardship with the exorbitant fines and penalties caused by driving drunk. Your insurance rates could also skyrocket and cause you further monetary distress. If you lose your license or find yourself in prison because of your DUI, you could be out of a job, putting further strain on your family. This could be especially traumatic if you’re the primary breadwinner of the family, and they rely on you for your sole income.

Social Hardship

In addition to your financial distress, you could face social hardship with multiple DUI offenses. While one DUI conviction is too many, you could get your life in order with the right direction. However, more than one offense can harm your social life. If you’re single, it could impact how you date and meet new people. You could also become a nuisance with your friends if they have to pick you up for every party or social occasion. Your children could also look upon you with disappointment and anger.

Mental Anguish

Underlying issues may be at the center of your drinking problems and cause you to resort to alcohol as a crutch. Multiple DUI convictions can cause depression and mental anguish, especially if you’ve become a pariah to your family, children and friends. You may also experience feelings of despondency if you’ve disappointed your family with your irresponsibility.

Work and Career

If you’ve a promising career ahead of you, your multiple DUI offenses could be problematic and cause you to miss out on promotions or raises. If you’re in search of better opportunities and currently looking for a job, your DUI will show up on your background check and cause you to be overlooked for employment. For high-powered individuals such as CEOs, bankers and politicians, this can be a substantial blemish and ruin your reputation within the business community.

Drinking and driving offenses can be remedied with an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney. You can also take charge of your life by seeking counseling to remedy your drinking problems. Another simple solution if you plan on going out and partying is to designate a driver such as a cab, public transportation or friend to get you to and from your destination safely and without incidence.

Writer Nadine Swayne presents this advice in hopes of making people stop and think before driving drunk. Nadine found informative research on the website of attorney Kevin Wilson, when gathering materials for this article.

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Stress Triggers for Kids-How To Help Them Cope (EXPERT)

How do you know what is stress and what is a temper tantrum? How do caring adults help them to cope with school, friends and disappointments?

How do you know when your child is too stressed? Gain tips to help them deal with healthy stress.

How do you know when your child is too stressed? Gain tips to help them deal with healthy stress.

How do you figure out if the stomachache is from too many tacos last night or the math test scheduled today?  Why would your six year old be stressed when you are the one who lost the job?  Why would your eight year old suddenly hate Little League and begin wheezing as it nears time to go?


At times all parents are confused by what are normal growing pains and what is a genuine fear or stress in their child’s life.  The three standards to judge the situation are:


  1. Duration.  If the child just started complaining about being sick before the bus comes, it may be something happening that can be easily explained.  If it is not a bad day, but an on going behavior some calm conversation and reassurance is in order.
  2. Is it age and developmentally appropriate?  Transitions are hard for anyone, but a two year old who clings is different than a nine year old who refuses to get out of the car.
  3. Degree of intensity. If the behavior is disrupting family life or is becoming a major stumbling block to growth or happiness, intervention may be indicated.


Typical stressors


Babies: Over stimulation, too many care givers, any major change.  They pick up on your stress.

Toddlers: Separation anxiety, transitions, being abandoned, Television shows and videos

Kindergarten/First Grade: Not being picked up after school, wetting their pants, not being chosen for games, being teased by bullies or not understanding what a teacher wants them to do.

Second/Third Grade: Report cards teased or called names by older students, not being invited to parties and sleepovers, not fitting in, teacher’s discipline and parent’s disapproval.

Fourth Grade: Being thought of as “dumb”, losing a best friend, being chosen last, not getting school work done and any major change in family structure.

Fifth/Sixth Grade: Body changes, afraid they are abnormal, strange, and unlovable. Bad grades.

Jr. High School: Identity, peer pressure, standing out from the crowd, having others see their body.

High School: Popularity, appearance, lack of money or clothes, SAT tests, what to do with life.



Children and adolescents handle stress better when they are attached to at least one adult who will make them feel safe, secure and loved.  Being able to trust an adult to look out for their best interests pulls them through stressful times and helps build a resiliency for all areas of life.


Let your child know you are always there for him to talk, console and support.  While you won’t solve the problems, the two of you can brainstorm solutions without judgment or criticism. The best antidote for solving stress related problems is to have fun!  Go play at the park. Take a hike in the mountains.  Laugh, giggle, wiggle, dance, sing and just remember that this too shall pass.


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Quality Time or Quantity Time

The truth is quality time just needs
to be time spent. Going to zoos, movies or museums
can be wonderful time spent together. But if you
are merely cramming the activities into your life
in a frenzied rush, you and your children won’t
experience a real sense of relaxed camaraderie.
In all actuality, they may prefer some time working
side by side with you on a family project or task.